Chicken was hit by the wind and paralyzed legs is a condition in which the cock is affected, nerve damage. In fact, if the cocker does not detect it in time, it will be difficult to cure the chicken disease. Therefore, chicken owners need to understand the causes, treatment and measures to limit chicken leg paralysis in this article of Nhà cái Hi88.

Understanding a few things about chickens that were hit by the wind and paralyzed their legs

 Chicken was hit by the wind and paralyzed legs is the term to refer to the condition that chickens are having problems with nerves, muscle groups convulsing leading to paralysis, convulsions, and inability to walk. In fact, the common cause of this disease is due to the chicken being hit by the wind, the nerves are suddenly infected with cold. At this time, the fighting chicken will suffer damage if not treated in time.

To be able to treat in time, cockroaches need to distinguish this disease from other causes. In the case of chickens with leg paralysis due to the disease, there will be an incubation period droopy, ruffled hair, fatigue and loss of appetite. Usually after 1 night, the chickens are paralyzed, most likely due to the cold wind.

A few reasons why chickens are hit by the wind and paralyzed

In addition to the cause of being hit by the wind, Chicken was hit by the wind and paralyzed legs , sometimes there are still other issues that cockers need to be aware of.

  • Vaccination: This is the reason that chickens are not suitable for antibodies injection should be shocked with the ingredients in the drug. At this time, there will appear signs of convulsions, difficulty walking and paralysis of the legs.
  • Insufficient nutrition: For chickens that do not have enough calcium for their bones, they are weak, unable to stand, for a long time they will be paralyzed, have leg palsy, can only lie in one place.
  • Encountering Marek’s disease: HP type B virus causes chickens to experience cancer, tumors compressing nerves. This causes the chickens to convulse, paralyze their legs and lie on the spot.

There are a few reasons why chickens are hit by wind and weak legs

Telling you how to treat chickens that have been hit by the wind and paralyzed legs

In case Chicken was hit by the wind and paralyzed legs , the best way for timely treatment is to use folk methods. Accordingly, if chickens are paralyzed due to other causes, people will use western medicine.

Use kerosene

This is a warm material, so when massaging them on the cock, it will help the nerves to gradually relieve the cold and be restored gradually. How to use is simple, just need to use a sufficient amount of kerosene to apply on the legs, neck and breast of the chicken. After that, people perform gentle massage to help the damaged nerves gradually warm up.

After a few days, the cocker will notice that the disease of the rooster has decreased quite a bit. However, in the process of using, you should avoid the chicken’s mouth encountering kerosene that causes poisoning when the chicken swallows it.

Chickens Hit by Wind Paralyzed Legs And The Information Around2

Using kerosene helps chickens recover quickly

Using cinnamon wine to treat chickens hit by wind and paralyzed legs

In addition to the above method, people can use cinnamon wine instead of kerosene to treat Chicken was hit by the wind and paralyzed legs . Because warm wine helps chickens quickly circulate blood, improving their condition significantly. To be able to treat in this way, the owner uses wine soaked with cinnamon to apply on the neck, legs and breast of the fighting cock.

After that, the brothers massaged the skin with their hands, the blood vessels exposed to the alcohol faster. Alternatively, cockers can use ginger ale or fresh ginger instead of cinnamon wine and use it in the same way.

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Use wind oil

Wind oil is commonly used to avoid wind and cold in humans. Therefore, if the chicken encounters a situation Chicken was hit by the wind and paralyzed legs , cockroaches can also use. Ideally, people should keep many bottles of wind oil in the house. Accordingly, you will apply the chicken with enough oil to avoid skin burns.

After a few days of massaging with wind oil, the cock’s health improved significantly tell. Ideally, chicken owners should regularly trim and wipe chicken feathers when they have completely recovered because the smell of wind oil makes them uncomfortable.

Chickens Hit by Wind Paralyzed Legs And The Information Around3

Wind oil is chosen by many cockers to treat chickens

How to limitability chickens have leg paralysis

Reality is not only Chicken was hit by the wind and paralyzed legs but there are many different reasons why chickens have weak legs and can’t walk. Therefore, cockroaches need to understand clearly to prevent this situation in time.

  • The owner needs to pay attention to the feeding regime that is always supplemented with nutrition, combined with industrial feed and natural food to ensure that the chickens do not suffer from nutritional deficiencies.
  • Chickens are regularly braised with herbs to improve blood circulation and increase the immune system.
  • Let chickens exercise with the right regimen to help their legs become stronger.
  • Vaccinate standard vaccines, avoid imitations, fake products that make chickens weak.
  • Pay attention to keep the barn clean, need to adjust the wind system accordingly.


Thus, Hi88 has shared with you all the knowledge about Chicken was hit by the wind and paralyzed legs . Through this, hopefully the cocker has a correct understanding of this issue. In order to avoid and cure the fighting chickens in the most timely manner.

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