A cat’s survival instincts manifest as behaviors, so controlling them could compromise its wellbeing.

You should know that a free cat is a happy cat. So, consider doing everything you can to satisfy your purr friend’s instincts. Ensure your fur ball’s safety while it utilizes the freedom to explore the surroundings, hunt and chase little critters, climb and hang out at high places, and do much more.

We agree these are pretty risky activities for a tender furball to get involved in. It is one reason why as a cat owner, you must consider purchasing pet health insurance. With cheap pet insurance, your feline is covered for accidents, injuries, and emergencies at affordable costs.

However, the best pet policies comprehensively cover your whiskered companion. Assess your fur baby’s health needs, your budget, and the policy benefits to buy a policy that ideally suits your cat. Meanwhile, read this article to learn how to satisfy three common cat instincts.

1.Hunting instinct

Cats are predators and have loved hunting from time immemorial. It is one apparent cat behavior you can’t curb with any amount of effort. For instance, your cat can stalk and pounce on humans, pets, tiny creatures, objects, shadows, and other things that arouse curiosity. This instinct can be concerning when your cat threatens a peacefully living neighbor’s pet.

In a case like this, channel your cat’s energy in the right direction by providing plenty of wand toys, fishing poles, feather playthings, stuffed toys, balls of yarn, and more so your cat can hunt leisurely, causing little trouble to other fur babies. However, monitor your cat incessantly during playtime to avoid toxic ingestion of objects and other health risks.

2.Grooming instinct

Your cat might never get bored of grooming. It is worth noting that your cat’s ancestors lived in the wild and they did not like shedding hair in hostile places. Why would you want to leave clues to large animals waiting to hunt you down, right?

However, domesticated cats have little to worry about when living indoors. Still, you can assist with grooming so your furball can maintain its status, stay clean, and avoid matting.

3.Observing instinct

Cats love to sit in high places and watch things unfolding down below. So, it is not uncommon to find your cat curled up in the closet or climbing tall towers. It serves as a vantage point to survey the territory and stay hidden from potential threats.

Consider adding a cat cave, tree, or tower to your living room so your kitty can stay inconspicuous and watch the living room scenes.

Cats typically scratch to mark territories and sharpen their claws. So, if your furball destroys your furniture, don’t blame it; instead, provide some scratching posts inside the home. Even if your cat’s conduct gets on your last nerve, try and look at the issue from your cat’s perspective to find a solution.

Besides, consider being prepared with pet health insurance, so your frisky cat has a medical backup during unanticipated health scenarios and emergencies. Cheap pet insurance policies provide basic health coverage, so why not purchase a policy then potentially move up to a more comprehensive plan when you are satisfied you need it?

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