John Cena is one of the greatest superstars of all time as far as wrestling fraternity is concerned. True, John Cena got his start as a wrestler. He’s not just a one-trick pony. If you’ve ever seen him wrestle, you’ve seen him make a name for himself both inside and outside of the ring. He draws energy from fans who both cheer him and scream simultaneously.


When he was younger, he starred in many comedies like Fred: The Movie and Trainwreck. He also starred in action movies like Bumblebee, Fast & Furious 9, and DC Comics’ The Suicide Squad. He has had many TV successes with shows like Hannah Montana and Parks and Recreation and hosting Saturday Night Live. He has also hosted American Grit, Are You Smarter Than a Fifth-Grader?, and Wipeout.


It’s not enough that Cena is also a children’s book author and a hip-hop artist who has made it to the top of the music charts. Understandably, he spends so much time thinking about his work and the things it has done. She said it this way: Ellen DeGeneres said it this way: “I’m a professional brawler who loves what he does and has a lot of fun with it. That shouldn’t be a job.” So why not enjoy it while you can?


Take a look at these interesting things about the multi-talented entertainer:


For safety, he took up weightlifting.

John Cena has made a career out of his strength, but he first used it to defend himself when he was “very small and emaciated, like 100 pounds,” he said on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. When he was that small, he was criticized for his “choices of attire and music that I listened to.” In the end, he decided to do what he had to do. A person who was a target of abuse and ridicule in the classroom: When Men’s Journal asked him why he chose to gain weight instead of learning karate, he said that was why. When he was 12, he asked for a weightlifting bench for Christmas, and he got it.

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He kept going, and one day, he left the confines of his gym to train somewhere else. “I was just stronger than everyone else,” he said in high school. My trip wasn’t to a big city. If you want to be the strongest person in West Newbury, Massachusetts, that’s not a very good thing to do.” When he was a senior, he was named “Best Body.”


He played football in college.

In his time at Massachusetts Springfield College, Cena was one of the best offensive linemen in the state. In 1998, when he was captain of the Division III team, he led the team to its first game in the NCAA. In addition, he was named to the Hewlett-Packard All-America Division III team and was named to the Eastern College Athletic Conference All-Star team for the northeast and New England.

It was taken by Kris Connor for WWE, and he took it.

In the trunk of his Lincoln Continental, he made a home for himself and lived there for years.

After finishing college, John Cena moved to California to become a bodybuilder. His father told him that he wouldn’t last more than two weeks with $500. He worked six hours a day, six days a week in the Gold’s Gym store in Venice Beach. It was said that he was “your guy” when getting food, protein, and clothes.

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