There are many advantages to using the Blueprint MCAT study plan. For starters, it is highly customizable to meet the individual needs of each student. Students can even adjust their plan to accommodate their lifestyle, as Blueprint has office hours five days a week. The Blueprint study plan is also guaranteed to increase a student’s score by at least 13 points. Lastly, Blueprint is not a mobile app and requires no download or installation.

Another advantage of Blueprint MCAT is that it offers video lessons to review the material. They are well-designed, engaging, and visually impressive. The instructor stands in front of a green screen, which populates with graphics and illustrations. Textual material is also displayed on the screen. The material is presented in various forms, including notes, varying levels of difficulty, and more. Consequently, Blueprint is one of the most comprehensive MCAT preparation options available.

The Blueprint MCAT course is one of the most personalized MCAT prep courses on the market, with over 160 modules of content to study from. It also features a customizable study planner, with detailed analytics for pinpointing weaknesses and creating a custom study plan for each student. As a result, Blueprint offers personalized study plans and analytics that allow you to maximize the value of your study time. And, since it offers personalized learning, Blueprint also has a full year of data and analytics for MCAT preparation.

Unlike competitors, the Blueprint MCAT curriculum has integrated learning modules. Students can choose a study strategy and study materials tailored to their needs. Each lesson is divided into bite-sized learning modules and is structured in a way that encourages retention. Whether you prefer to learn by reading or listening to a lecture, Blueprint MCAT has an online course that will work for you. The live class time is 40 hours, which is nearly double that of most competitors.

The learning modules in Blueprint are as close to the actual MCAT as you can get. They combine video lessons, practice tests, and quizzes to give students a realistic feel for the exam. They include passages, quizzes, and strategies to help you improve your reasoning skills. The entire course is designed to simulate the MCAT as closely as possible. When you’re done, you’ll feel more confident about taking the MCAT.

In addition to a comprehensive course, Blueprint MCAT offers a large number of practice tests to help you improve your MCAT score. The curriculum is top-notch and uses a modular learning format to maximize a student’s ability to retain the material. There are also videos, live instruction, and office hours to help you with questions. It’s no wonder that the Blueprint MCAT has become the go-to prep for so many students.

While Blueprint’s MCAT course is detailed, we highly recommend checking it out before purchasing it. This course is relatively inexpensive, and can be completed on your own. It has both self-paced and live online classroom training. Blueprint has several online classes and offers a range of packages. You can choose from sixteen, twenty-four, or forty hours of private tutoring. The Blueprint MCAT tuition costs from $3200 to $10,000. However, it is still much cheaper than many comparable options.

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