What is khan? Probably the term that many card game enthusiasts are interested in. This is a term in the rules of playing Phom and there will be some cases where the player falls into a buzzing position. Join Hi88 to learn more about this term through the article below.

Answer what is the term buzzing in the game Phom

Answering the term Khan in the Phom Card Game

Answer what is the term buzzing when playing Phom

What is Ù khan? Here it isImage is a term in the Phom card game. This is one of the card games loved by many gamblers. From the elderly to the adults, everyone must know about this hot card game.

Plus the fact that Phom card games appear more and more on the market makes many people wonder about What is a hoarse voice? In the process of playing, you may encounter some cases of your cards encountered. This is also a concept that many people learn because Phom has many complex properties.

Easy to understand What is a hoarse voice? then this is the phenomenon where the player is dealt a deck of 10 cards. Among those cards, there is no piece that can be combined to form any phom. In case if you continue to play, you will easily lose and burn your cards.

Thus we can understand the basic of the term What is a hoarse voice? to win in the process of playing Phom. In fact, it does not mean winning for the player. Almost any player who encounters buzzing will lose money and they do not expect to encounter this situation.

Cases of hoarseness can be encountered when playing Phom

Answering the term Khan in the Phom Card Game1

What is Ù khan? Cases of hoarseness are common in Phom card game

In the process of finding out What is a hoarse voice? Players will encounter many different cases. We can divide cases of tinnitus into 3 main categories. Here are the 3 most common cases you can encounter when playing Phom card game:

  • Case 1: When the player encounters a case of buzzing and a tie, then the bet will be divided in half.
  • Scenario 2: When the player has a hangover and has a bet x5 times the number of players, then the bet will be divided among the winner of the game.
  • Case 3: When the game has 3 players and then there are 2 cases of hoarseness. At this time, the person who loses the game will lose 5 bets and divide it equally among the remaining 2 players.

These are the basic cases that when learning What is a hoarse voice? you need to hold. There will be other cases that will appear and you need to go through many Phom matches to meet them. Thereby, you can seize the opportunity when meeting the buzz to win.

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What do players need to do in order to be quiet?

As shared above, the buzzing is based on luck by the card in the player’s hand. However, you can also become a hoarder if a player is smart and experienced enough. So let’s find out the details about What is a hoarse voice? for a broader understanding of this term.

The first thing that you need to remember when learning What is a hoarse voice? It is a really scientific arrangement of sets with each other. Next, if you are the first, your hand will be 10 cards and you will have to play 1 card that feels redundant in the deck. At the same time, it is necessary to judge if it is a card that the opponent cannot take advantage of.

If you are not the first, know how to watch your opponent’s cards. A game of Phom requires at least 3 phom for you to become the winner and also needs to make the first 3 phm. You have to know how to do when the cards are not used, the chance of buzzing is very high.

Other types of buzzing in the Phom card game

Answering the term Khan in the Phom Card Game2

What is Ù khan? Some other types of buzzing are common when playing Phom

When you find out What is a hoarse voice? Players will encounter many different types of buzzing in Phom. In addition to the popular Ù khan, players also have many other types of buzzing that you need to know. Here are some types of buzzing in Phom that players should learn carefully.


white, also known as buzzing, is a term that you may come across when learning What is hum?? This term is intended to be used to refer to the first person deal that will consist of 10 cards. At this point, the player just needs to hit the trash card to be able to buzz immediately and win.


It is the term to use when a player plays 3 cards in a row that are all eaten by the person next to him. In this case, the person who is buzzing will have to pay quite a lot for the winner. This is also a fairly common occurrence when you find out What is hum? in Phom.


Is when the player’s deck has a lot of Western cards but cannot be combined into a complete Phom. At this time, when comparing cards, your score is always high and this comes from the player trying to hide the Western pieces. The hiding of the Western pieces also waited for the opportunity to merge into the lobby but failed, leading to default.

Above is all the most useful information for players who are interested in the term What is hum? in Phom. Hopefully, the information that Hi88Club shared above will help players better understand the term buzzing. Wish players have a lot of luck when participating in the Phom card game experience!

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