Baseball is a top-rated game worldwide. Though it does not have a massive fan following like football or cricket, it is not less prevalent in the Western world. Also, the Eastern part of Asia, Japan, and such countries have massive popularity of baseball, and if you are a Doraemon fan, you must be aware of the fact. Let us break it down to your point by why baseball is a craze among the youth.



Historic value


Some events and sports usually have a very close tie with national emotions, and it is tough to separate the country from history. Baseball has a similar history with the establishment of America. It became popular just after the Civil War and when America started to find its first pillars. Those were volatile times for the citizens as well as the politicians. Economic instability and post-war stress disorders engulfed more than half the country’s youth and men and women.


Baseball tournaments were the bit breeze of the air at those times. Though years went by after those times and now America is more stable than any other country in the world, baseball is an inseparable part of the culture. It is a status symbol for the college kids and an old emotion for the veterans. So, despite being a very affordable and old game, baseball is only gaining followers.



No clock theory

Every game has a schedule, and both teams have to finish the game following the clock. For example, football takes ninety minutes to create extreme buzz, and the players have to wrap up the game, including the break time within it. But baseball is different. You can complete nine runs by the end of the tenth inning and still have a chance to win the game till the end. It can happen because there is no set timetable for baseball.



Many people say that baseball is a complete waste of time due to the clockless schedule. You can spend the entire Sunday morning playing baseball and still not finish it. But, that did not stop any of us from liking baseball any less. Another fact that inspires people to play baseball more is the seasonal facts. Winter is settling in, and if you are not into the rigorous stems, you will surely enjoy baseball more.



Become good with maths


It would help if you had an imagination, thinking that only the big guys in the school could play baseball. It is valid to some extent if we are being sincere. Baseball is a steady sport and needs a lot of physical strength to complete the game. But, if you are a slender nerd with a good mathematical background, then baseball can be your holy grail to become famous at school.




Baseball has a very nice balance between speed and steady states. Usually, it gets the pace at the beginning of the game, and the players try to score more runs with the bats. In the later parts, the games get slow, and all you have to do is create resistance and stop the other team from scoring more runs. The entire game plan depends on an excellent statistical point of view, and many famous American mathematicians agreed that they started loving stats from the baseball field.


Situation demand

The best part about baseball is that there is no fixed strategy. You have to act immediately depending on your opponent, which makes the game more interesting. It makes the game a lot interesting and keep people on their tiptoes throughout the game.

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