Dragon Tiger Jun88 has always been loved by many people thanks to the simplicity of the gameplay and the extremely high reward rate. This game is also available for instant bets on mobile and desktop as long as the internet is eligible. If you are passionate about this type of red and black but do not know how to win, please follow the following article.

1.General introduction to the game dragon tiger Jun88

Dragon Tiger is considered the “ace” at nhà cái jun88 tv thanks to its simple gameplay and high odds. The time to finish the game is quick, so it is always attractive for many brothers to bet and choose. This game has the English title Dragon Tiger and still uses 52-card decks to determine the outcome.

The game originated in Cambodia and gradually spread to neighboring countries such as Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, China… This game is considered to have the same gameplay as Baccarat when still betting on one of the games. 3 bets. But the difference here is that the dealer will only deal 1 card to each side and there is no rule to draw more cards. After the waiting time is over, the system will flip the cards and announce the final result. The side with the higher score wins.

The order of cards when playing dragon tiger Jun88 is also calculated as follows:

A: This is the lowest card corresponding to 1 point.

2 – 10: These cards will have the same score as the number printed on the face.

J, Q, K: With picture cards, there will be 11, 12 and 13 points respectively.

Tiger dragon is considered a “trump card” at Jun88

2.Basic terms when playing dragon tiger game Jun88

Knowing the general terms when betting on games will help you play more effectively at Jun88. Specifically:

Dealer: The dealer in the dragon tiger betting table and also has the task of flipping the cards, announcing the winning and losing results.

Tiger: Tiger bets are usually indicated in blue.

Dragon: Dragon Gate is denoted with red color.

Tie: Bet on a tie if you think that the 2 cards dealt have the same score. The odds of this bet are extremely high, but the probability of winning is very low.

Big bet: This is the term that refers to the maximum amount that you can bet on the playing doors.

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Small bet: The minimum amount that you need to spend for the bet.

Screenshot 2

Terminology in the game is what you need to know

3. Tips to play dragon tiger online at Jun88 without fear of losses

Many brothers often fall into uncontrolled betting, leading to rapid bankruptcy. Here are some effective betting tips compiled from players with many years of experience in this subject for your reference:

3.1 Learn how to manage your bets effectively

One of the things that makes you have to study is to carefully consider your capital. Never let the amount you spend exceed your capital. Try to create strategies and set limits for yourself when participating in the game dragon tiger Jun88. In case the limit has been reached, stop and do not try to bet anymore to preserve capital.

3.2 When you start playing, you should choose a low bet

A game of dragon tiger Jun88 will have many different bet levels to attract gamers to participate. Therefore, if you are just a beginner, never be greedy and bet a lot of money on a game. You should only put money from low to medium to get acquainted and explore the situation. Waiting for a while to understand the rules as well as have experience, it is not too late to put a lot of money to make a profit.

3.3 Don’t put your trust in the draw

One thing you definitely need to keep in mind is that you should not bet on a tie. Although the payout ratio for this bet is many times higher than other doors, this means that the risk will be greater. In fact, the probability of going to a tie while playing dragon tiger Jun88 is only 1%. So if you are not too sure or want to bet safely, you should only play in bets with probability 50-50 like Dragon or Tiger.

4.Use flexible tactics when playing dragon tiger Jun88

When participating in game betting at Jun88, you also need to know how to apply strategies in the most flexible way. This will help bettors know how to handle each situation encountered when playing. You can learn more game tactics from the masters on major reward forums in Vietnam. There are many veteran players who regularly share tips and experiences with effective betting on dragons and tigers.

Screenshot 3

You should know how to flexibly use tactics

Dragon Tiger Jun88 with intuitive interface and vivid sound will help you have the most effective entertainment time. It is important that anyone can participate in betting at this unit as long as they meet the conditions. Come to the house today to enjoy exciting, wonderful feelings and receive many unexpected gifts.

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