A smart bulb is an adapter that converts your traditional bulb into an intelligent device that your smartphone or tablet can easily control. It will allow you to remotely control the light bulb’s brightness and colour, adjust the light bulb’s heat while working on your laptop, and even adjust them based on schedules.

If you’ve been looking for a way to improve your home lighting experience but are still determining the direction, here’s good news. The Smart Light Bulb is about to revolutionize how you think about and use lights. However, before purchasing an intelligent bulb, make sure you will grab some basic details about it, especially the factors you can consider later on and have a better experience.

Bulb Type

The primary factor you must consider while buying a smart bulb is the type. Smart bulbs vary in size and shape. These bulbs are either made to work with your existing light fixtures or be used with a specific fixture designed for them. In other cases, you can opt for an adapter that lets you use them with various fixtures.


  • Brightness is another factor to be considered when buying intelligent bulbs. LED and CFL are the two common types of bulbs that are used in home lighting.
  • These bulbs come in different forms like flood lights, spotlights etc. Before buying a specific bulb, ensure you have measured the area, you need to light up.
  • Some bulbs require that you run them at a higher wattage than average for optimal lighting.


You must be aware of the bulb’s colour temperature before buying a smart light bulb. Some bulbs are available in warm white and natural white colours. The colour temperature of the bulb can be changed depending on your mood. These bulbs are available in different colours like blue, red, yellow and green; some are white, while others offer a blend of colors.


Just make sure you get the right product as per your need. Be aware of the light bulb’s shape and size as well. It will help you to select the right one that will perfectly fit your fixture. The bulb’s wattage should also be considered before buying a smart light bulb.

Touch Controls

  • You must be aware that Smart Light Bulb lets you control them with a touch of a button through a smartphone or tablet.
  • These are the best additions to your home because they can turn lights on and off, change the light’s brightness, dim the bulbs and even adjust the colour temperature by simply touching your smartphone or a tablet device.
  • Other types also allow you to synchronize them with music or other lights to create your light show with different colour combinations.

Coverage Area

It would help to consider the coverage area before buying a smart bulb. You will find these light bulbs in either large or small sizes. It would help if you considered areas like the size of the area that needs to be lighted, brightness, bulb type etc. If you have time, go for the one that works with Wifi and Bluetooth connection. It is easy to install these lamps within minutes. The bulb you choose is based on the room size and the amount of lighting needed by the area you’re planning to light up.


Smart light bulbs will help you improve your home’s lighting by letting you control it through your smartphone or tablet. Smart light bulbs work differently from available ones, and you can use them in various parts of the house, not just in a single location.

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