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Online doctor are a great way to diagnose non-emergency conditions, manage chronic health problems and even get prescriptions filled or refilled without leaving your home. is a HIPAA and GDPR compliant platform, so you can rest assured your privacy will be protected when you consult with an expert doctor from anywhere in the world!

A HIPAA and GDPR compliant platform

Unlike HIPAA which is focused on organizations (covered entities and business associates) that handle protected health information, GDPR protects personal data that can be directly or indirectly linked to a person – and gives the right to data subjects to request that their personal information be erased.

If you work with patients in the EU, you must comply with GDPR. However, if your healthcare organization is only US-based and does not process the data of EU residents, you may not need to worry about this issue.

Both HIPAA and GDPR have their complexities, but they are both important to understand and stay compliant with. A thorough understanding of the rules will allow you to determine whether you need to take any further steps, and if so, what they might be.

Our licensed doctors can diagnose you

Using online video, our licensed doctors can diagnose you with non-emergency conditions like the cold and flu or many mental health concerns. Depending on the condition, diagnosis can take from a few minutes to several hours toonily.

During an online visit, you can ask questions and share information about your symptoms. Your doctor will then use their medical knowledge and experience to make a diagnosis and recommend a treatment plan.

The doctor may also conduct a physical exam, lab tests and imaging procedures. They may also do a psychiatric evaluation, which involves looking at your thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

Your doctor will likely compare your symptoms to criteria in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5). They may also give you a treatment plan, which can include changes in diet or exercise, medications or therapy.

Get urgent care and non-emergency care

Urgent care is the middle ground between a visit to the emergency room and the appointment at your doctor’s office. They treat non-life threatening illnesses and injuries such as fevers, headaches, earaches, back pain and more.

Compared to the emergency room, urgent care centers are more affordable and less crowded. They accept most insurance plans, as well as cash or credit cards.

Some urgent care centers also offer X-Rays and diagnostic testing, so you can have them performed before you leave. However, the cost of these services will vary from clinic to clinic.

It’s best to talk to your primary care physician before you decide to go to an urgent care center or emergency room for medical treatment. They may be able to recommend alternative tests and treatments that can be cheaper or more effective than those offered by the urgent care center.

Get online prescriptions and refills

Online prescription refills are a convenient option for people who want to get their medications delivered straight to their homes. However, it is important to choose a reputable online pharmacy.

There are many companies out there offering this service, so be sure to check out a few before you decide on one. Some will save you money while others may cut corners and end up costing more.

In addition, you should always contact your doctor before getting an online refill to make sure it is safe. They can provide you with a letter of authorization to fill your prescription at a pharmacy that is most convenient for you.


You can also request a refill through your online patient portal at a traditional brick-and-mortar pharmacy like Walmart or CVS. This process is usually free, but some pharmacies offer a discount card or mobile app to help you save even more.

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