If you’ve seen the trailer of the Hindi film Kalank, then you’ve probably been curious to know what to expect and how to rate it. The film’s main character, the Muslim blacksmith Zafar, is perpetually bare-chested and wooing the married woman Alia Bhatt. While this may sound like a simple plot arc, it is a living, breathing allegory for a Hindi film critic in 2019.

While the plot of Kalank is very interesting, there’s a certain lack of nuance in its portrayal of the Hindu-Muslim equation. While there are some likeable characters, there’s an over-the-top, overly-ferocious Muslim character that doesn’t deserve a place in this movie. This lack of nuance may be due to the fact that the film was made in the 1970s for the worshipful audience.

As a result, the film is shallow and boring, despite the stellar cast. It takes a lot of time to reach its predictable conclusion, and its script is too flawed to elevate the film to the level of Superman. Still, Kalank is a must-see for hopeless romantics. If you’re looking for a Bollywood movie review, Pinkvilla has a comprehensive guide for you. Moreover, we’re on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Please visit us!

While Kalank’s visuals and soundtrack are pleasing, it lacks soul and a compelling storyline. The film’s lack of authenticity is a detriment to its overall appeal. While it is still an admirable feat of filmmaking, it doesn’t quite meet the expectations of its target audience. It isn’t for everyone. It’s difficult to suspend disbelief, but the audience shouldn’t be able to question its lack of realism.

Despite being set in a supposedly ancient time, Kalank feels like it was shot in a catalogue. The film’s opening sequence shows glimpses of the film’s central plot. A courtesan in a train reaches out her arm to a wounded man and wails cinematically, despite her husband’s inability to help her. While the prelude to Kalank is beautiful, the film’s dramatic scenes lack complexity and are often boring.

The performances in Kalank are also subpar. While the performances are strong, many of the supporting cast members aren’t trained actors and lack chemistry. Unlike many Hollywood movies, Kalank doesn’t rely on a recognizable ensemble cast. As a result, the movie is a disappointment. While Kalank has some fine moments, it’s largely wasted on those who aren’t accustomed to seeing films that have no depth or context.

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