Messi, Suárez, and Ronaldo all like it. Ronaldo is known to eat a slice after games. He took them to a nearby Italian restaurant after his team had their first clean sheet of the season. There isn’t enough proof for Pep Guardiola that Manchester City is a good team because no City players will eat pizza this season.


Sunderland manager Paolo di Canian is from Italy and works there.Coffee, Coca-Cola, and mobile phones are some of Paolo DiCanio’s changes at Sunderland. Recently, Gal Clichy, the team’s new manager, said that he doesn’t want them to eat the Italian classic. He also told the players that if they are overweight, they won’t work out with the first team.

Why Guardiola pressurised on this diet?

Guardiola’s strict rules may seem harsh, but there is a good reason for them. Sir Alex Ferguson and a former Arsenal player can tell you more about it, so talk to them.

It doesn’t matter how small the gain is, even if it’s just a carb replacement. As a general rule, pizza is an ideal post-game meal for athletes. There are few studies to back this up, though.Caroline Farrell, Fulham’s nutritionist, says that “what players choose to eat after a match isn’t usually very healthy, but the choices are very important right after a match.” “Pizza doesn’t have what you need. Pizza has a lot of both protein and fat, which is good because it needs to be replenished with glycogen. Kids should eat fruit and vegetables, lean meat, and complex carbs.”


When the team is playing away from home, and the kitchen isn’t open, thetotal post-match delivery can be a big help. You won’t be allowed to put pepperoni or other processed meats on your pizza, and the amount of cheese on the pizza will be very strict.


Farrell says that “clubs will often choose to give them pizza.” Finally, it would help if you chose the proper garnishes. Chicken breasts can be used instead of processed meats with a lot of saturated fat in this dish.


Fish like salmon are excellent sources of Omega-3 fatty acids. They should be served with brown basmati rice, many different vegetables, or brown pasta with chicken and tomato sauce.


Clubs don’t let people bring in their food and drink, including beverages and sauces. Before Gianfranco Zola took over as coach, Watford hired Farrell to change the club’s canteen, which meant getting rid of ketchup and margarine. All ingredients came from near where you live, were organic, and were in season when you made the dish.


Player weight and fat percentages aren’t the only things to think about when it comes to this. People’s diets can also affect how they get hurt and sleep. To help the players, Farrell helps them with things like getting them to sleep better and making sure they eat the right foods before bed.” Anti-inflammatory diets should be given to players who are hurt. “When things get more complicated, every little thing is important. There aren’t many things worse than having a player who has a stomach disorder being sick all the time.”


To keep an eye on every player at all times, some of them will have to give in to their sweet tooth. It doesn’t matter if you reward them because “they will often have a sweet tooth and indulge anyway,” says Farrell. “I always tell people to be careful at this time of year. Because it’s so easy for them to get fat, it has a big effect on how well they do.”

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