Pakhtakor (UZB) vs Esteghlal FC (IRN) during their 2020 AFC Champions League Round of 16 match at the Al Janoub Stadium on 26 September 2020, in Al Wakrah, Qatar. Photo by Stringer / SPORTFIVE

If we run a survey right now asking people worldwide about the most popular game, most people will undoubtedly go for football. A game of eleven players and one ball made the whole globe crazy for it. And, it does not only have a massive fan following with a good reputation, but football clubs are one of the wealthiest organizations nowadays. Now, you must think that making such a massive amount of money only through match fees is impossible.


You are right on that point, but it does not mean that football clubs have any illegal method to grow their money. It depends on the game diversity, prediction, popularity, and how good a club’s financial experts are in managing money. So, let us get to know how your favourite football clubs are so popular.


Match sale

The most significant source of income of any soccer club is their matchday sales. It includes a lot of factors. For example, the English Premier League plays about thirty-eight matches a year, and each ticket sells for the other thirty-six European pounds. Only the baseline price of the tickets and the VIP sections go much higher than it. You can imagine if a famous face like Messi or Ronaldo plays in a game, then how many people would like to spend a million to watch them live?



Match field reservation

We talked about the English Premier League, and this club plays more than half matches on their home ground. It means the club arranges the games on their field. It has a lot of benefits.


No reservation fees

When you play on your home ground, you do not have to pay for the match reservations, which saves a lot of money. Indeed, you have to spend on yearly renovation and maintenance. But, it is still a lot more affordable than playing on different paid fields. Also, the home ground gives you more chances to understand the field well and play according to your form. So, the chances of winning the match increase by many folds.

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When you do not have to pay for the reservation fees and get money from ticket sales, it is undoubtedly a winning deal for the clubs. No wonders these clubs are so rich and pay their players very well after every match. Now, let us come to other subsidiary but meaningful ways of bringing money to your favourite club. You must feel hungry during the match, and here the club covers you too.


Foods and beverage


You can not bring any food or drink to the field and must have to buy it from the ground. The clubs organize the food courts and apply extra tax and service charges on the food. It might sound like a ten-dollar bill for a bag of popcorn and coke, but when you see the bigger picture of millions of people eating here, every day then you will understand that the food business is a great way to bring money to your favourite clubs.


Brand deals


A marketing strategy is a great option to popularize a brand. It goes both ways when some brands sponsor a game in return for marketing their products. You must have seen football players wearing their jerseys with brand names in front and back. When you see Ronaldo wearing a shirt with a Coke’s name on it, undoubtedly you would want to buy it. So, the brands are willing to pay millions to display their products in these games.



There are other ways like match stocks, sports gambling, and so to bring money to the club.

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